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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions allow you to manage the relationships you have with your customers, using a combination of people, processes and technology. It helps your business attain and retain happy customers. CRM is an overall strategy to help you to learn more about your customers and their behavior so you have the skills to develop stronger, lasting relationships which will benefit both you and your customers. It's impossible to manage a successful business without a strong focus on CRM. After all, your business is all about the customer.

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CRM Software
Sales Software


Fusion Software offers one of the best Sales management modules that will empower both employee and management levels to get the most out of their sales activities. The Fusion Software Sales module can run as an independent Sales management tool or as part of the holistic Fusion Software ERP system.

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Our accounting module will help you better manage the relationship and selling activities with your customers having all the relevant information available concerning each account is not only a benefit from as sales aspect, but it is also adds value to various other aspects of your business, such as client service, marketing, finance, and product development.

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Accounting Software


Stock Control Software


The term stock control can be used to include various aspects of controlling the amount of stock in a company. Some of the components of stock management include, stock quantity, linking stock movement to a specific company or organization, managing the stock reorder process and producing stock management reports. These reports might include what has sold, how quickly and at what price, for example.

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Manufacturing software is used to control all aspects of the manufacturing process, this includes controlling labor and material, and insures increased efficiency and reduce waste. Our ERP software ensures an integrated solution with all your business processes.

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Manufacturing Software
Project Management and Timesheet Software


When your Project Management Software is fully integrated with your Accounting, your  CRM and all other aspects of your business you have a clear view as to where you stand at any given point in time. Manage Service Level Agreements “SLA” project deadlines, timesheet billing and all aspects of your project.

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Integrated jobs and ticketing modules allow you to manage customer service expectations form the first point of contact through to billing, and SLA “Service Level Agreement” negotiations. This includes allocation and management of technicians and spares to ensuring the correct bill is sent to your customer.

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Jobs and Ticketing Software
Stock Control Software


All reporting is flexible and customizable by the user. Management reports rely on dashboard like overviews, with the simple ability to drill down to the detail as and when it is needed. Sales, timesheet, resource or project reporting are but a few of the numerous reports available to ensure business decisions are made not only on Gut Feel.

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We build and customize websites to fit your needs.
Your website is in most cases the first contact your customer will have with your business. With that in mind we tell you to make sure that the first impression your customers have of your business is the best one.

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The Fusion Online solution is completely web based and is delivered to your computers via the Internet. You can access our suite of feature-rich tools anywhere anytime and instantly share information and resources in real-time.

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We have built a series of integration engines that are either designed for specific systems such as Pastel, Syspro, Accpac or SAP or we make use of the same integration platform and script an integrate process between two or more other system. NB this also includes third party applications.

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Unified software solutions drive successful business. We integrate our software with most accounting software like Pastel, Accpac, Syspro and many others. We also integrate with many other applications, websites and telephone systems.

  HR Management

Leave, Payroll and Performance reviews all form part of our HR module. This module also forms part of the system user management area.

  Machine Management

Manage and measure machine performance related to manufacturing.


A module specially designed for the security industry, with specialized quotation for guards, incident reporting as well as integration into Listener

  Survey Management

A survey based tool used to collect data in many industries like insurance, motor industry and many others.

  Training Management

Linked to unit standards and qualifications, this module manages training resources like materials, venues, Instructors and Certificates.

  Campaign Management

Manage telemarketing campaign, email campaigns and customer surveys. Allocate campaigns to specific staff members and report on campaign success.

  Microsoft Office links

Run Microsoft applications directly within the Fusion system, and limit access to applications that staff should be using.

  Document Management

Link any document type including PDF, Word docs and pictures to your customer, project

  Mobile Solutions

Apps include time sheet capture, survey management and many others. We also have a range of web based applications that work with many of our software modules.


Service level agreements, Business process consulting and training form the core of our service offering.


Make sure your website is not just a static online catalogue, our database driven websites will take your business to the next level.

  Email and SMS

Our reports based system architecture allows for simple, fast segmentation of data. Send specific information to a select set of contacts based on their profile with you.

  Billing Software

Multi billing, and integration into Netcash and many other banking systems allow us to help you manage your billing.

  Asset Tracking

Our extensive asset module allows linking of assets to projects as well as the management and depreciation of fixed assets.

  Call Centre Apps

With integration into most telephone systems and an extensive CRM and campaign manager, our software exceeds the requirements of most call centres.

  Event Management

From invitation to seating arrangements, reply’s to catering and every process in between our event management software will help your team with the logistics of event management.

  Hosted Solutions

Our Server client based architecture can run in the cloud or on your local network environment. Our websites are also hosted and managed for you.

  Custom Development

If you need a business management application, we can build it for you.

Graphic Design

Web or print, logo or  layout or graphic design capability ensures your documents and website exceed your expectations.


Without visitors, your website is a white elephant. Our design and optimisation ensures you appear high on the list in search results.

  Key Performance Management

Assign metrics to each of your users and with the simple click of a button you get a full breakdown of your employees performance linked to their specific KPI’s.

  Rentals Module

All our resource items can be set up as “can be rented” this allows you to rent items, bill appropriately and ensure returns happen on time.

  Licence Manager

Manage the number of licences issued, their expiry and the renewal process