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Fusion Software is a South African based software, web and app solutions provider.

We have been operating since 2002 and currently have around 10,000 users on our platform. We offer CRM, Sales, Projects, Timesheets, Stock, Manufacturing, Accounts and HR solutions to name a few, and we deploy combinations of these modules in order to answer a client’s specific business needs. In short, any business of any size can benefit from our solutions whether it’s a start-up or a corporate, with the ability to adapt your solution to fit ever-changing industries. 

The Fusion Software Difference

Our emphasis is on sustainable long-term solutions. Our mandate is and always has been to design and develop tailored solutions that address each clients’ specific business needs accurately. This we do through our in-depth technical analytical approach before we can propose or implement any solutions.

Streamline your business processes

Our dedicated team is passionate about business intelligence and process improvement. We guarantee an easy to use, locally developed business management software solution.

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