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Getting the Best from your Job Tracking Software

By March 25, 2024No Comments

Job Tracking Software and How to Get the Best From It

Getting the Best from your Job Tracking Software <a href="https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/spreadsheet-marketing-budget-report-file-concept_18128847.htm#fromView=search&page=2&position=27&uuid=9153a1a0-885c-435b-8172-5c8f71a8b291">Image by rawpixel.com on Freepik</a>

Collating leads, quotes, invoices, digital documents, and assets relating to a job is demanding and time-consuming but far simpler with job tracking software. Keeping track of the workforce and its progress, sourcing materials, costing, and invoicing are essential to ensure service companies like builders, plumbers, and electrical contractors operate efficiently and profitably.

Unfortunately, coordinating activities, controlling expenses and meeting completion times can pose challenges for supervisors and managers. However, as in many other aspects of business, digital technology also has a solution for project management: software to streamline and automate job tracking. With a PC, tablet, or mobile phone, users can create, assign and prioritise all the tasks associated with a job, from receipt of an order to invoicing. For example:

  • Efficient allocation of resources: A manager can use the software to assign employees, equipment and materials to tasks and projects and schedule them with a drag-and-drop calendar function. It can also monitor resource availability and make any adjustments that may be necessary to optimise productivity.
  • Location tracking: The software employs geolocation technology to track employees’ whereabouts at any time and can also simplify stock location management.
  • Digital documentation: Replace old-fashioned, wasteful paper job cards with digital cards that include photos and checklists.
  • Automated invoicing: Say goodbye to embarrassing or costly invoicing errors. The job tracking software enables customers to sign off on a job electronically, perform the necessary calculations based on hours and materials, collate with customer details and prepare invoices automatically.

Why You Should Consider Using Job Tracking Software

While discounted prices might gain one or two extra orders, quality work and dependable service are the best ways to attract customers and grow your business. However, ensuring consistent quality requires more than practical skills and experience. It also requires efficient management, which, in the twenty-first century, often involves seeking an automated business solution.

In this case, the solution is a comprehensive job tracking software application and here are some ways your business will benefit from using it:

  • Continuous progress monitoring: The Fusion Software system will allow you to check the status of any job instantly and monitor its progress to ensure it’s on track or whether allocating additional resources might be advisable to ensure promised completion dates.
  • Heightened accountability: Automated time tracking and task assignment ensure employees are accountable for their work. This feature also helps managers identify who is performing well and those who might need some help.
  • Insightful data: Easy access to performance metrics and other key data can help an organisation identify areas that need improvement and make more informed decisions about how best to improve them.
  • More accurate budgeting and quotes: Accumulated data regarding materials, completion times, labour allocation and costs from past projects is readily accessible and can help when budgeting and quoting for similar projects undertaken later.
  • Increased client satisfaction: When you combine these valuable benefits, you can look forward to more happy customers, repeat business and glowing referrals to grow your turnover and profit.

Fusion Software is a proudly South African company with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, specialising in software solutions for apps and the web. You can learn more about our innovative job tracking software and how to streamline your business here.

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